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Inline Skates Size

Skates Sizing Guide

In this Inline Skates Sizing Guide we will show you how to measure foot properly and get the best fit of inline skates. Check and learn how to do it properly. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of products to suit all ages and all sporting levels so you will be able to find the right pair of skates for you or for someone in your family. sizing-guide


Triumph Carbyne Package with Rush Frame


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Triumph Carbyne Package with Rush Frame 4X90 & 3X110

Size Guide
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Triumph Carbyne Package with Rush Frame 4X90 & 3X110

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Inline Skates Size

US-12 | EUR-32 | CM-18.8 | INCH-7.75, US-13 | EUR-33 | CM-19.7 | INCH-8, US-10 | EUR-43 | CM-27.3 | INCH-10.75, US-11 | EUR-44 | CM-28 | INCH-11, US-1 | EUR-34 | CM-20.6 | INCH-8.5, US-2 | EUR-35 | CM-21.5 | INCH-8.75, US-3 | EUR-36 | CM-22.4 | INCH-9, US-4 | EUR-37 | CM-23.3 | INCH-9.25, US-5 | EUR-38 | CM-24.2 | INCH-9.5, US-6 | EUR-39 | CM-24.7 | INCH-9.75, US-7 | EUR-40 | CM-25.4 | INCH-10, US-8 | EUR-41 | CM-26 | INCH-10.25, US-9 | EUR-42 | CM-26.7 | INCH-10.5




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