Hyper Cannibals Blue Soft Quad Skate Wheels


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Hyper Cannibal Wheels are hand poured in the United States using their proprietary Voodoo-Thane formula set around a precision-machined aluminum hub. This highly specialized indoor race formula increases cornering ability while also helping to maintain control throughout your stride, enhanced even further by the significant lip.

Hyper Cannibal roller skate wheels utilize the wheel compound as the Witch Doctors. They are a cold pour race urethane wheel, with a machined aluminum insert, this make for the perfect bearing alignment.

Hyper Cannibal Quad Speed Wheels are 62mm x 40mm which makes them ideal for almost all styles of skating, from roller derby to speed skating, session skating to trick skating. The Hyper Cannibal skate wheels are available in two great colors, Blue which is 92a for those that need some grip in their roll. The other wheel color is orange at 96a for those that need less grip.

If you need a great aluminum hub wheel with grip options and a proven design, the Hyper Cannibal Roller skate wheels are the way to go.


Hub: CNC Machined Aluminum

Size: 62mm X 43mm

Hardness: Hard, Soft

Category: Rink/Track Racing

Urethane: Voodoothane

Speed – 9

Grip – 8

Durability – 9

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