Hyper Strada Red Clear Quad Skate Wheels 66mm


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Since The Introduction Of Strada It Has Taken Speed Skating Fraternity To A Completely New Level We Rate This Wheel As Ultimate Road Racing Wheel. We Have Lost The Count On How Many National Gold Medals This Wheel Have Won. World Over Most Sought Road Wheel Still And Its Being Manufactured For Triumph Exclusively By Hyper. They Come In Two Hardness, To Make Your Ride Very Pleasurable At Super Sonic Speeds.

Hub: Composite 12 Spoke Plastic

Size: 66mm X 35mm

Hardness: 80A, 88A,

Category: Road Racing.

Urethane: HyperChem Proprietary High grade Urethane

Speed – 9

Grip – 7

Durability – 8

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