Road Racing Hyper Rollo Quad Wheels


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Unfortunately we don’t have words to describe hyper rollo. They were introduced in indian market some 25 years back and has won the most amount of medals district, state and nation wide than any other wheel.they are by far world’s most popular outdoor wheels. Just see to it that you buy the hyper rollo from genuine coaches and distributors. Due to its selling magnitude lot of companies have duplicated the product of course they can duplicate the look but there is no duplication of the performance.since its introduction in 1980 it has become the most reliable wheels for indian roads. Comes in very attractive 7 colors with a hardness of 78A,80A diameter.
Size: 62mm X 35mm
65mm X 35mm
Hardness: 78A, 80A
Category: Road Racing
Urethane: HyperChem Proprietary High grade Urethane

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