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Steps for Custom Design:

Custom designing sportswear is a complex process and unless you are a designer, things can get quite challenging. We are famous for our vibrant designs that make your team stand out from the rest.

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  1. Contact US to start your order
    1. Design your own garments for you and your team through our online designer
      1. Design your garments online by uploading the logo files
      2. Your selected design is submitted for our designer’s review
  • Your order is submitted to production
  1. Your order arrives within the guaranteed time
  2. Request for a custom order specialist.
    1. Send us your Design requirements
    2. Review and approve your artwork
  • Your order is submitted to production
  1. Your order arrives within the guaranteed time

Our In house Designers will design your garments based on your inputs. Or send in your own designs.

  1. Our designers will send you 1 initial design options based on your inputs. Please download the design information checklist here.
  2. We will provide upto 3 revisions free of charge on your designs over your 1 week design stage.
  3. Place your order with your appointed custom specialist or order through our online team store (coming soon).
  4. Your Vision will come to life in our world class state of the art production unit
  5. Order shipped as bulk or individual straight to your door. We offer standard production and Guaranteed Dispatch based on the production timeframe you choose.


Design Information Checklist

  1. Color Selection: please select color from our color chart

Main Color: Use of main color in percentage over entire jersey:

2nd Color:  Use of color in percentage on Jersey:

3rd Color: Use of color in percentage on Jersey:

Additional instructions on color:

Eg: Use Red as main color with 3 white stripes on front just below the logo.

  1. Graphics: give us an overview on how you would like your design to look like in as much detail as possible in your e mail.
  2. Send all your logos to us in vector (please refer to art guidelines) format by e mail to with your order number in subject line: Order no: 7589 – Club name – vector logos.
  3. Make initial payment or 1000Rs to start your design work – Refunded with your order.
  4. You will receive your design in 2 working days.
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