The Triumph Story

In 1985 a young teenager from Ahmedabad was selected to represent India at the world banked track speed skating championships at Colorado Sprints USA, the team’s performance at the time was quite humble. After careful analysis, he figured out the main elements required for high-performance; Training, Equipment, and Infrastructure were missing in the country thus laying the foundation of what Triumph is today. He set out on a solo mission to change the sporting scenario in the country. The company then called Biopace was formed in 1986 and started importing and distributing high-quality skate products to the Indian market, a coaching academy “National Skating School” was started to create a national competitive training program for the sport of skating that encourages the creation of teams, clubs, and competitions across the country. In 2010 a self-funded 200 meter World Class Speed skating velodrome was built at Ahmedabad, the first in the country.

Triumph was born in 1991, being India’s first customized sportswear brand with its in-house production capabilities, the technology was imported from the USA in collaboration with the world leader in Sublimation “Sawgrass Inc”. The brand now manufactures customized sportswear for over 20 sports and has serviced over 20,000 clubs and has the fastest turnaround time.

The Brand “Warrior” and “Chakra” caters to the competitive roller skating market and “Skater” for the recreational skate markets. “Brand Identity” caters to the corporate branding sector, “Triumph Athleisure” and streetwear brand “Huntington Beach Surf Co” are the new ventures for 2022.

Since 2015 Triumph has diversified into Sportswear, Athleisure, Corporatewear, Branding Solutions and Roller Skating. It has been over 3 decades the teenage boy Sanjay Rana now the Chairman and Managing Director of Triumph has been shaping the Roller Sport and Customized Sportswear space in India.

Our Mission

“Improving athlete performance by sport specific customized technical sportswear”

Our Vision

24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. We at TRIUMPH live and breathe Sports.

Pushing sports forward by research, analysis, testing, creating and reinventing relentlessly; preserved through nonstop commitment. demand for excellence and the drive to produce the world’s best sportswear.

Triumph is designed for only one reason

– To help you WIN – Because at Triumph Winning is a way of life !

our vision

Our Brands

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