Our History

Triumph was founded in 1991 by Sanjay Rana a captain of the Indian Skating team while he was in College. The company manufactures, imports, exports and distributes quality Roller Sport Equipment and  manufactures Custom Team Apparel. With humble beginnings the company now caters to the needs of numerous international teams for multiple sports. Triumph Sports is part of Triumph World – India a multinational company which is into diversified businesses. Triumph Apparel was founded in 2002 for a simple reason – to cater to the apparel needs of over 500 skating and cricket clubs across the country.

Triumph also runs a non profit organization ‘NationalSkatingSchool’. The Mission Statement of NSS is “to create a national competitive program for the sport of skating that encourages the creation of teams, clubs, and competitions across the country which incorporates the excitement of National and International competitive formats of Inline Speed Skating, Quad Speed Skating, Artistic Skating and Roller Hockey used at the at  RSFI Nationals and FIRS World Skating Championships. During the year 2005 Triumph Corporation has sponsored 2 international size banked tracks at Pritamnagar – Triumph Vellodrome Ahmedabad and DPS-Triumph Vellodrome Bopal. Triumph Apparel manufactures Custom as well as stock Team Apparel and is our latest venture. For over 3 years of research and development of the latest in fabric technologies, stitching patterns, design and print media for multiple sports  Triumph Sportswear has launched its products worldwide. Triumph has its World Headquarters in Ahmedabad-India and its International marketing office in Chicago-USA.

Mission Statement:

Across the country….. 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. We at TRIUMPH live and breathe Sports.

We push the sport forward, we research, analyze, test, attack, punish, create and reinvent the sportswear relentlessly. This is only perpetuated through nonstop pure commitment, drive, endurance, and demand for excellence. The passion for sports, the drive to produce and deliver the world’s best sportswear is what makes the difference. The focus and the unending desire of everyone on the team to go without question, the support, interaction, and network of ideas of everyone on the team will never be forgotten.
TRIUMPH is your sole partner in your road to success, designed for only one reason – To help you WIN – Because at Triumph Winning is a way of life !