What happens when I submit my order?

The production cycle for all custom orders begins once an order is submitted to us online. Upon submission, it is immediately placed in our production line. Within a full business day, we will review your artwork to determine if there are any issues or concerns that require your attention before proceeding to production.

We have years of experience in dealing with the production of custom apparel. During our review process we take our knowledge and experience and make sure that the artwork being submitted meets our quality standards and end result will be what customer Satisfying.

Our Designer will modify the artwork only for maximum 3 times that is submitted, however: If the artwork needs adjustment, we notify the customer by email letting them know there are some potential issues with their artwork. The customer then has the opportunity to correct those issues or if what they submitted is the best they have available they can approve the artwork as it was originally submitted.

When the customer is satisfied with their artwork they are asked to digitally approve by confirmation mail. Doing so releases the order into regular order processing, and the customer is sent an approval confirmation to let them know we received their approval.

The order is then released to production. Your order is guaranteed to ship from our factory within 4 weeks of receipt of your signed approval and payment authorization. Your ship date is not guaranteed until we are able to successfully authorize payments!
In Precise

You submit your design and order to us online.

Artwork approval and review, If customize product.

Once we have a bank transfer of your amount the order is released from our warehouse.

We prepare and print your apparel in time to meet the scheduled ship date.
When the order ships, before that you have to pay the remaining amount.

Pricing & Billing!

At the time you check out and receive your order confirmation, you have to pay full amount through bank transfer, credit card, debit card or cheque. When the company will receive the balance, order will be send to production
At the time we ship your order from our Production Unit in India, you have to pay remaining amount.

If you use a debit card or credit card to pay for your purchase, please note that the automatic pre-authorization of your debit card or credit card will actually result in a debit being applied to your account. Please contact your debit card issuer with any questions or concerns you may have pertaining to the use of debit cards for online transactions.

Is it Possible to pay by cheque?

Yes, only for orders being shipped within India. Please note that Order will be ship after cheque is encashed.

You can send your cheque on following address:
Plot No. 48 A, Ashwamegh Estate, Nutan Nagrik Bank Street, Nr.Changodar Bridge, Changodar, Ahmedabad – 382213.


For custom orders you can write us on customize@triumph-sports.com.
You will have certain benefits when we design for you and limitations when you design.


  • Images can be sublimated on the front and the back of jerseys. We sublimate artwork, graphics, or logos onto sleeves, pockets, collars or side panels.
  • All artwork and designs will be provided by our graphic designer.
  • Triumph will create or alter designs in possible way. Please refer to the artwork requirements below.
  • You or your graphic designer are responsible for obtaining permission and approval from the owner of the original art (e.g. corporate logos, original artwork, copyrighted artwork) prior to submitting to Triumph Sportswear.
  • We use a CMYK printing process to allow you to have as many colors as you like in your design.


  • All artwork, logos and designs must be provided by you or your graphic designer.
  • All artwork, logos and designs must also be uploaded to the Semi Custom Design Studio template (provided by Triumph) by you or your graphic designer.
  • Triumph Sportswear will not create or alter submitted designs in any way and is not responsible for poor quality artwork submitted. Please refer to the artwork requirements below.
  • You or your graphic designer are responsible for obtaining permission and approval from the owner of the original art (e.g. corporate logos, original artwork, and copyrighted artwork) prior to submitting to Triumph Sportswear.

Semi customized garments will have a “press mark” around the image. This indentation in the fabric will disappear after a few washings.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON CUSTOMIZED GARMENTS. Triumph Sportswear will not accept returns of semi/full-custom items.

Triumph Sportswear reserves the right to refuse any order based on objectionable artwork.

Please note: The CMYK printing process prevents us from guaranteeing an exact match of Colors. Images are transferred to garments using different ways.

Remember, to achieve the proper design dimensions for your artwork, the image resolution must be 300 DPI.

Preparing Artwork

For Non-Designers
If the above terms confuse you, you will need to work with a graphic designer who can create “digital print-ready” art for production.
If you work for a corporation, go to your marketing department and ask for help.

For Designers
If you have access to a design program such as Illustrator or CorelDraw and are comfortable using it. We recommend more complex designs be done as a single piece of artwork in your preferred design program of choice.
Kindly mail your designs with your e-mail i.d. only. Registering with your e-mail accounts and then changing the email address, will break the association between the design you’ve created and that account.

If you must register design within your own e-mail and someone else is going to order the design from a different e-mail please order a hard proof and then share your design. This process will allow the individual you shared your design with to order the design from their own account.

You can submit the following raster file formats for the full or semi custom design: .EPS, .AI, .CDR.

For best results, artwork should be created in a vector format using a program like Illustrator or CorelDraw and then saved to one of our supported formats (.CDR, .Ai, .EPS).

Please use high resolution graphics (300 dpi at the correct printing size). For example, if you want the image to be printed at 5in’ x 5in, please make it 5in x 5in.

Files must be an exact representation of what will be printed on the garment. This means all elements are of correct size, placement, proportion & color.
We encourage our customers not to place logos with fine details or small text on the front of their garment across the zipper split.

These sorts of fine artistic detail can be lost and misaligned when each garment is sewn together by hand.

If you must place an element across the zipper split ensure the details crossing the split are not smaller than a quarter of an inch in size and for best results we recommend them being at least a two inch or larger.

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